Friday, September 12, 2008

More Than The 1200 Alotted...

About me:
Born in Monterey Park, CA. Raised in El Monte. Unpopular with schoolmates and most of my family. Pretty good at singing, went to Europe with high school choir to do Bach in 1974. Father of a gorgeous girl in 1975. Her mother divorced me. Did Hollywood, and everyone else, during the late '70s and early 80's. Began radio in '85. Did some TV, brushed with famous people. Some of them liked it! Oh what I have seen!! Married the most unlikely and screwed up woman under the most unlikely and convoluted of circumstances and produced the most incredible and wonderful human being, my beloved son. GOD had hold of this one for me. Jimmy is meant to accomplish something here for all of us. I dunno, he might be Jesus, or maybe Jesus' slightly more tarnished 1st cousin. Eh, we all have issues. He too has had to endure things most have not. His mother deserted and left us with no money just as I became disabled. I divorced her. My son and I have been alone together for a number of years now and have developed the most wonderful friendship. We really like each other, and then there’s that neat Dad/Son thing. I have become a poster child for chronic pain and I've had to quit working. So I have a bunch of time to whine and bitch. MS, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I feel like hell, and that makes me a lot less apt to waste time. At least as I interpret wasting time. I am ferociously honest. I don't care how upset it might make you OR me, I WILL be honest. It's my only defense against people who think they know me well enough to try to manipulate me. I learned this by being the most malleable in the room. I see life as this huge spectrum of ideas, types, ways, beliefs and all the rest that we humans do. One end is as different from the other as they can be. In between are all the shades of life, all the history that’s been created and all the answers that exist. This spectrum is how we can better understand and work with each other. In all the differences, we see how we are all the same, too. I find myself agreeing often with opposite views at the same time. (Psychotropic drugs help that…) I want to use my ability to see clearly this spectrum, with all the comfortable and not so comfortable within, to encourage sincere thought sharing and to help promote the secure feeling one gets when he shares his ideas and knows that even the ones who disagree, still respect and love him because although their points clash, that’s only one thing they differ in.

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