Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Just Over There, Ya Know...

Okay, I get it. The McCain/Palin ticket is really a new kind of comedy vehicle. I mean, it was a joke when Sarah Palin told Charlie Gibson on ABC news last night something to the effect of; 'Oh, yeah... I'm very acquainted with international affairs. In fact, you can SEE Russia from Alaska, ya know, umm hmmm...'. Egads, boys and girls! That's good stuff!
She squirmed, and fidgeted and tried really hard to look in control, but what I saw was someone completely out of her league.
I've done a few on camera interviews for broadcast entities I've worked for. Janet Napolitano, (*By the way, she prefers "Nah-pawl-eh-taan-oh) now governor of Arizona, was running for Arizona State Attorney General when she sat down with me for an on camera interview. One of her first. She was a bit nervous, but often the on air folk are too, so that's not here nor there. She knew her stuff! She knew her positions, she had her talking points in hand and conducted herself with self assurance. For those reasons, she came off as grounded and sane.
Ol Sarah, here was a bit off her footing. She was intimidated and it was obvious. What was most obvious was why she was intimidated. She doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. She knows that, and she's deathly afraid, probably downright sure that you'll figure this out! Uh, Sarah.... Dear, we already have.
She'll appear again tonight on ABC WORLD NEWS w/CHARLES GIBSON. Check your local listings, oughta be a hoot... Ya know? Ummm hmmm.

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