Thursday, September 11, 2008

ex curia?

Ex Curia is the Latin term for "Out of Court". I thought this an appropriate title for a blog I might write because what occurs to me, what is important to me, what concerns me cannot be dragged before a "Jury of My Peers" or other entity that would be indifferent. I want to share with you our most human of thoughts, with the knowledge that those thoughts will be honored and respected.
I assure any reader that this is a collection of beliefs and opinions, just like any other blog. I also assure any reader that as long as respect is shown, all honest input will be respected and in fact celebrated!
Here's the reason. Are we going to Hell in a handbasket, or is what the world experiences these days "GOD's plan? Or, is a liberal approach the best one? Should we bring back the John Birchers? Do YOU know? Neither do I, but I think each of us has a better idea than we might be letting on. For us to openly share those popular, unpopular, disgusting, enlightening, rediculous or right on view points is a direct line to the want for change and happiness that regardless of creedo or conviction, we all share together.
Here, you don't have to belong because you already do. I don't know whether any one group has a real advantage over another, but I do know that I have never liked or disliked a fellow human based on anything other than his or her own merits. I've seen much in my young 52 years. I tend to be pretty accurate in my comments observations according to feedback from a number of independent and diverse sources. I think most of us experience that. I think the majority are very intelligent, intuitive and thoughtful people.
So let's share it all, right here. This is the place you talk about whatever is on your mind. It's the place where we will all have the opportunity to voice it and then read about it.
What are you thinking about today?

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